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Finding Meaning in the Shadows

Finding Meaning in the Shadows: Overview

W. H. Leach. Unparalleled Success of Fashion and Famine. New York: W. H. Tinson, [1854]. (Gift of Michael Zinman)

George C. Foster. New York by Gas-Light and Other Urban Sketches: With Here and There a Streak of Sunshine. New York: Dewitt and Davenport, 1850. (On loan from Special Collections of the University of Delaware Library, Newark, Delaware)

Matthew Hale Smith. Sunshine and Shadow in New York. Hartford: J. B. Burr and Company, 1868.

Edward Crapsey. The Nether Side of New-York; or, The Vice, Crime and Poverty of the Great Metropolis. New York: Sheldon & Co., 1872.

James D. McCabe. New York by Sunlight and Gaslight. Philadelphia: Hubbard Brothers, [1881?].

Anthony Comstock. Traps for the Young. New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1883.

J. W. Buel. Metropolitan Life Unveiled: The Mysteries and Miseries of America’s Great Cities, Embracing New York, Washington City, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and New Orleans. San Francisco: A. L. Bancroft & Co., 1882.

Helen Campbell. Darkness and Daylight, or Lights and Shadows of New York Life. Hartford, Conn.: Worthington & Co., 1892.

Mysteries and Miseries of Chicago by Day and by Night. [Chicago?: Garden City Book Co., not before 1893].

Apprehending Darkness in the Shadows

Apprehending Darkness in the Shadows: Overview

The Policeman. New York: H. De Marsan, [between 1840 and 1880]. (McAllister Collection)

“Police. Polizeibeamter. Bill-Carrier. Placat Träger,” from Pittoresque Scenes of American Life. Philadelphia: John Weik, ca. 1850.

Two of the Killers. Philadelphia: J. Childs, 1848.

Five Points, 1827. New York: McSpedon & Baker, 1855.

Two of the Killers. Philadelphia: J. Childs, 1848.

Five Points, 1827. New York: McSpedon & Baker, 1855.

“Wage Map,” from Hull House Maps and Papers: A Presentation of Nationalities and Wages in a Congested District of Chicago. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell & Co., [1895?]. (Gift of Charles Rosenberg)

Thomas Gill. Selections from the Court Reports Originally Published in the Boston Morning Post, from 1834 to 1837. Boston: Otis, Broaders & Co., 1837. (Gift of Todd and Sharon Pattison)

“The Policeman,” from City Characters; or, Familiar Scenes in Town. Philadelphia: Geo. S. Appleton, 1851. (Gift of Mrs. S. Marguerite Brenner)

Thomas L. Harris. Juvenile Depravity and Crime in Our City. New York: Charles B. Norton, 1850.

George W. Matsell. Vocabulum; or, The Rogue’s Lexicon. New York: George W. Matsell & Co., 1859.

“Scene in the Tombs Police Court,” from James McCabe, Secrets of the Great City. Philadelphia: National Publishing Company, 1868.

Charles Loring Brace. The Dangerous Classes of New York, and Twenty Years’ Work among Them. New York: Wynkoop & Hallenbeck, 1872.

Edward Savage. Police Recollections or Boston by Daylight and Gaslight. Boston: John P. Dale & Co., 1873.

Redistributing Wealth

Redistributing Wealth: Overview

Brownsville Persistive Horse Company. List of Members. Doylestown, Pa.: Samuel Fretz, 1842.

John Frank Keith. [Group portrait of young boys on steps. Philadelphia, ca. 1915].

“A Fence-ing Lesson,” Frank Leslie’s Budget of Fun, April 15, 1861.

$500 Reward for the Arrest of A. W. Pyle. St. Louis, 1874. (Gift of Edwin Wolf 2nd)

“Bank Burglars’ Outfit,” from, George Washington Walling. Recollections of a New York Chief of Police. New York: Caxton Book Concern, 1887.

Richland Company for the Detection of Horse Thieves. Constitution and Bye-Laws. Doylestown, Pa.: Miner’s Press, [1806].

Newtown Reliance Company. Constitution. Doylestown, Pa.: Jackson & Kelly, 1828.

The Dying Confession of Joseph Hare. Baltimore: Printed for the Publisher, 1818.

Ephraim Brown. Take Care! One City Reported 80 Burglaries in 20 Days! [Lowell, Mass., 1857].

The Take-ing Woman. [ca. 1840-1880?]. (McAllister Collection)

“A Female Shoplifter,” from James D. McCabe Jr. Lights and Shadows of New York Life. Philadelphia: National Publishing Co., 1872.

Daniel Mallory. Short Stories and Reminiscences of the Last Fifty Years. New York: D. Mallory, 1842.

“Pick-Pockets,” from Edward Savage. Police Records and Recollections or Boston by Daylight and Gaslight. Boston: John P. Dale & Co., 1873.

“Body-Snatching in Cincinnati,” The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, February 10, 1859.

“Mr. Cruncher’s Friends,” Harper’s Weekly, July 30, 1859, p. 485.

“Harbor Police of New York,” Harper’s New Monthly, October, 1872.

“Marm Mandelbaum’s Dinner Party” and portrait of “Mother Mandelbaum,” from George Washington Walling. Recollections of a New York Chief of Police. New York: Caxton Book Concern, 1887.

Selling Sex

Selling Sex; Overview

The Prodigal Son Revelling with Harlots. Hartford: D. W. Kellogg & Co., 1838.

Map of Philadelphia brothels, 1849.

An Enquiry into the Condition and Influence of the Brothels in Connection with the Theatres of Philadelphia. Philadelphia: Published for the Booksellers, 1834. (Gift of Dr. John Bell)

New York Magdalen Society. First Annual Report of the Executive Committee. From the Second New York edition. Philadelphia: For Sale, Wholesale and Retail, by J. Scarlett, 1831. (Gift of Lloyd P. Smith)

Orthodox Bubbles, or A Review of the “First Annual Report of the Executive Committee of the New York Magdalen Society.” Boston: For the Publishers, 1831.

A Guide to the Stranger, or Pocket Companion for the Fancy. Philadelphia, 1849.

Strangers Guide Book Stand, Continental Hotel Lobby. Philadelphia, ca. 1860.

Joseph Holt Ingraham. Frank Rivers, or, The Dangers of the Town. Boston: Published at the “Yankee” Office, 1845.

George Wilkes. The Lives of Helen Jewett, and Richard P. Robinson. New York: [Published by Long & Brother], 1849.

William W. Sanger. The History of Prostitution: Its Extent, Causes, and Effects throughout the World. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1869.

Henry James. Love, Marriage, and Divorce, and the Sovereignty of the Individual. New York: Stringer and Townsend, 1853.

George Ellington. The Women of New York or The Under-World of the Great City.New York: The New York Book Company, 1869.

Anatomical Museum of New York. New Anatomical Museum. [New York]: Jonh [sic] C. Hall, ca. 1848. (Gift of William H. Helfand)

Great Attraction at the Franklin Hall! Philadelphia: United States Steam-Power Job Printing Establishment, 1848. (McAllister Collection)

Jordan & Davieson. Startling Additions at Drs. Jordan & Davieson’s Gallery of Anatomy and Museum of Science and Art. [Philadelphia]: J. Moore, [1872]. (McAllister Collection)

Jordan & Davieson. Grand Anatomical Museum, 807 Chestnut Street. Philadelphia, [1872]. (McAllister Collection)

Jordan & Davieson. Drs. Jordan & Davieson’s Magnificent Anatomical Museum. [Philadelphia]: J. Moore & Sons, [1872]. (McAllister Collection)

New York Museum of Anatomy. A Visit to the New York Museum of Anatomy. [New York, ca. 1848].

Henry J. Jordan. The Philosophy of Marriage Being Four Important Lectures on the Functions and Disorders of the Nervous System and Reproductive Organs. San Francisco: Donald Bruce’s Book and Job Printing House, 1874.

Robert La Grange. Manhood; or, Secrets Revealed. Philadelphia, 1886.

Jean Dubois. The Secret Habits of the Female Sex. New York: Sold by the Booksellers Generally, 1848.

Horsemen, Attention! [New York?, ca. 1860].

Albert H. Hayes. Sexual Physiology of Woman, and Her Diseases. Boston: Peabody Medical Institute, 1869.

C. W. Philo. Philo’s Army Purchasing Agency. New York, ca. 1861.

Mason & Co. Mason & Co’s., Catalogue of Cartes de Visites. [Philadelphia, 1864].

Grand Fancy Catalogue of the Sporting Man’s Bazaar. [United States, 1870].

Private Catalogue of Fancy Works. [New York?, ca. 1880].

Trial of Madame Restell, Alias Ann Lohman for Abortion and Causing the Death of Mrs. Purdy. [New York]: For sale at the Book Stand in Wall St., 1841.

Wonderful Trial of Caroline Lohman, Alias Restell. New York: Wholesale and Retail Agents, [1847].

A. M. Mauriceau. The Married Woman’s Private Medical Companion. New York, 1847.

Classified advertisements from the New York Herald, December 9, 1841, and the New York Sun, December 15, 1841.

Thomas Hollick. The Marriage Guide. New York: T. W. Strong, [1860?].

Job Moses. Extra Directions for Sir Jas. Clarke’s Female Pills. [Rochester, N.Y., ca. 1860]. (Gift of William H. Helfand)

Interesting to Ladies. Dr. Wheating’s Female Pills. [New York, ca. 1860].

Wilcox Specific Medicine Co. Confidential. Advice to Ladies! [Philadelphia, ca. 1880].

Placing Bets

Placing Bets: Overview

Charles Newdigate Newdegate. Sketches for the Washington Races in 1840. [London?, ca. 1840].

“Faro,” scene from “Mining Life in California,” Harper’s Weekly, October 3, 1857.

“The Progressive Steps in a Gambler’s Career,” Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Weekly, June 8, 1867.

“A Dog Fight at Kit Burn’s,” in James McCabe. The Secrets of the Great City. Philadelphia: National Publishing Company, [1868].

J. R. McDowell. Henry Wallace: or, The Victim of Lottery Gambling. New York: Wilson & Swain, 1832. (McAllister Collection)

Thomas Doyle. Five Years in a Lottery Office; or, An Exposition of the Lottery System. Boston: S. N. Dickinson, 1841.

J. P. Joyce. Manager’s Office, Kentucky State Lotteries. [Covington, Ky.?, ca. 1871].

Jonathan Harrington Green. Gambling Unmasked! Or the Personal Experience of J. H. Green, the Reformed Gambler. Philadelphia: G. B. Zieber & Co., 1847.

Jonathan Harrington Green. An Exposition of Games and Tricks with Cards. New York: G. & S. Bunce, 1850.

Jonathan Harrington Green. A Report on Gambling in New York. New York: J. H. Green, 1851.

John B. Learock. A Lecture on Gambling, and the Delinquency of the City Authorities. Boston: Richard L. Daley, 1862.

“A Gambling Scene in Denver, Colorado,” Harper’s Weekly February 1, 1866.

Chase & Heatley Progressive Club, Denver, Colorado. Photographic reproduction of an original drawing, 1865. (McAllister Collection)

“To a Gambler.” [Between 1840 and 1880?]. (McAllister Collection)

Edmund Keyser’s Central Eating Saloon. Journal. [Philadelphia], 1846-1876. (Courtesy, Historical Society of Pennsylvania)

“Rat Pit,” Edward H. Savage. Police Recollections; or Boston by Daylight and Gaslight. Boston: John P. Dale & Co., 1873.

Addison V. Newton. The Saloon Keeper’s Companion, and Book of Reference. Worcester: West & Lee Game and Printing Co., 1875.

Old Aunt Dinah’s Policy Dream Book. [New York, ca. 1850?].

Madame Le Marchand. Le Marchand’s Fortune Teller, and Dreamer’s Dictionary. New York: Dick & Fitzgerald, 1863.

Samuel Benner. Benner’s Prophecies of Future Ups and Downs in Prices. Cincinnati: Robert Clarke & Co., 1879.

Franklin Eliot Felton. The Secrets of Internal Revenue. Philadelphia: William Flint, 1870.

William Armstrong. Stocks and Stock-Jobbing in Wall-Street, with Sketches of the Brokers. New York: New-York Publishing Company, 1848. (Gift of Charles G. Sower)

Harrison & Pitts. Relief for Hard Times. [Columbus, Ga., 1858]. (McAllister Collection)

$20,000 Capital Prize. [Providence?, 1839?]. (McAllister Collection)

More Prizes Than Blanks. [Baltimore]: Murphy & Co., 1856. (McAllister Collection)

Murray, Eddy & Co., Capital Prize $30.142! [Covington, Ky.?, 1864?]. (McAllister Collection)

Williamson & Co. Safe and Sure. ca. 1876. (McAllister Collection)

Class No. 1 Scheme of a Lottery. [Fredericksburg, Va., 1804].

Ignatius Kohler. Ausserordentlicht werthvolle Gaben-Vertheilung. . . Philadelphia: Ig. Kohler, [1858 or 1859].

Uriah Miles. U. Miles’ “Banner Prize Office.” [Baltimore, 1854].

Grand State Lottery (PA) Sixth Class. [Philadelphia, 1818].

R. France & Co. Maryland Lottery to be Drawn on the Havana Plan. [Baltimore, 1856].

Hammett & Co. Brilliant Lottery on the Royal Havana Plan of Single Numbers. [New York?, 1864].

Faking It

Faking It: Overview

“The Doubtful Note,” Illustrated Times, July 23, 1859.

Robert C. Naramore. Naramore’s United States Treasury and National Banknote Detector. Bridgeport, Conn.: American Photograph Company, [1866?].

Memoirs of the Notorious Stephen Burroughs. Boston: Charles Gaylord, 1840.

Sketches of the Life of William Stuart, the First and Most Celebrated Counterfeiter of Connecticut. Bridgeport: For the Author, 1854.

Counterfeit Prevention and Detection

Abel Brewster. A Plan for Producing an Uniformity in the Ornamental Part of Bank or Other Bills Where There Is Danger of Forgery. Philadelphia: Thomas Town, 1810.

Jacob R. Eckfeldt and William E. DuBois. A Manual of Gold and Silver Coins. Philadelphia: At the Assay Office of the Mint, 1842.

Van Court’s Counterfeit Detector. Philadelphia: J. Van Court. March, 1849.

John Thompson. The Autographical Counterfeit Detector. New York, 1853.

Waterman L. Ormsby. Cycloidal Configuration or The Harvest of Counterfeiters. New York: W. L. Ormsby, [not before 1862].

Laban Heath. Heath’s Infallible Counterfeit Detector at Sight. Boston: Laban Heath, 1864.

Ohio River Bank. Counterfeit note, 1838. Bequest of Helen Beitler.

Hiram C. Whitley. Counterfeiting. Letter to the People. [New York, 1872].

George P. Burnham. American Counterfeits. How Detected, and How Avoided. Springfield, Mass.: W. J. Holland, 1875.

Jeremiah James Colman, et al., plaintiffs, against Isaac Dixon, defendant. Cases Related to Colman’s Mustard. [New York, 1872].


Swindling: Overview

Munchausen & Gull Creek Grand Consolidated Oil Company. Philadelphia: J. L. Magee, ca. 1865.

The Munchausen, Philosopher’s Stone and Gull Creek Grand Consolidated Oil Co. Pittsburgh: John W. Pittock, 1865.

Prospectus [for the Munchausen, Philospher’s Stone & Gull Creek Grand Consolidated Oil Company]. [Pittsburgh?, ca. 1865].

The World-Renowned Major Ross: Soap Man! [Lowell, Mass.]: “Vox Populi” Print, ca. 1856.

G. G. Evans. G. G. Evans’ Original Gift Book Store. [Philadelphia, 1861?]. McAllister Collection.

Grand Sale of Watches Jewelry and Photograph Albums. [Philadelphia], 1864.

“Practical Experience of the Gift-Book Enterprises,” Harper’s Weekly, April 17, 1858.

“An Auction of Splendid Household Furniture, to Be Sold without Reserve,” Harper’s Weekly, April 3, 1858.

“Pick-Pockets and Picture-Pockets; or, Art Dodges and Artful Dodgers,” Frank Leslie’s Budget of Fun, April, 1860.

J. A. Wales. “The Philadelphia Physician-Factory,” Puck, April 14, 1880.

Eclectic Medical College of Pennsylvania. Sessions of 1865-’66. [Philadelphia, 1865]. Gift of William H. Helfand.

Advertisement for Eclectic Medical College of Pennsylvania. [Philadelphia, 1865?]

John Buchanan. A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Children. Philadelphia: John Buchanan, 1866.

Imposition and Frauds, in Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1837.

Life and Adventures of the Accomplished Forger and Swindler Colonel Monroe Edwards. New York: H. Long & Brother, 1848.

Herman Melville. The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade. New York: Dix, Edwards & Co., 1857.

A. E. Senter. The Diddler. New York: M. Doolady, 1868.

“Fortune Teller’s Friends,” from The Spider and the Fly. New York: C. Miller, 1873.

Marie Louise Hankins. Women of New York. New York: Marie Louise Hankins & Co., 1861.

“Castle Garden, the Place Where Emigrants Land – Sharpers Trying to Swindle Them,” from James McCabe. The Secrets of the Great City. Philadelphia: National Publishing Company, [1868].

J. W. Stephens. How to Get Rich; or The Money Maker’s Manual. New York: Stephens & Co., 1867.

Asher L. Smith and J. W. Hawxhurst. How to Get Rich; or A Key to Honest Wealth. New York: Broadway Publishing Co., 1868.

Slow Horses Made Fast and Fast Horses Made Faster. New York: Jesse Haney & Co., 1871.

The Spider and the Fly; or, Tricks, Traps, and Pitfalls of City Life. New York: C. Miller & Co., 1873.

Victim. An Unpleasant Duty Discharged. [New York, 1870].

The Goss-Udderzook Tragedy. [Baltimore]: Baltimore Gazette, 1873.

The Udderzook Mystery. The Murderer’s Life, Trial and Confession. Philadelphia: Barclay & Co., 1873.

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