Voting Stump Bear

Voting Stump Bear, wood, felt, found object, foam, and paint. Inspired by Teddy-B and Teddy-G, the “Roosevelt Bears” dolls.

With this sculpture I aimed to recreate the aesthetic of the “Roosevelt Bears,” anthropomorphized bear characters, later dolls, modeled after Teddy Roosevelt from the early 20th-century children’s series The Roosevelt Bears, their Travels and Adventures by Seymour Eaton. While I didn’t go so far as to add the former president’s oft-depicted toothy grin, I feel the style of the bear’s hat, pipe, and coloring evokes the original toys in a complimentary way.


Please also note that the sculpture employs a cam gear design when in operation, and that the box itself is meant to resemble a voting booth with the scroll illustration on the front designed after pictorial details in political posters from the 1910s.