Economic Interests and Ideology in the New Nation: The 1780s

Tamara Plakins Thornton, State University of New York at Buffalo
Global Trade, Enlightenment Science, and Cosmopolitan Knowledge in Late Eighteenth-Century America (PDF Download)

PowerPoint Presentation (pptx)

Andrew Fagal, The Papers of Thomas Jefferson
State Power and Private Interest: The Challenge of Mobilization Policy in the Critical Period (PDF Download)

Rick Demirjian, Rutgers University-Camden
An Interest in Union: Constitutional Settlements and the Economies of Secondary Seaports (PDF Download)


Incorporating a New Economy

Brian Murphy, Baruch College and City University of New York Honors College
The New Republic’s Reluctant Reliance on Corporate Power (PDF Unavailable)

Gautham Rao, American University
The Statist Turn: Law, Regulation, and Capitalism in the Early American Republic (PDF Unavailable)


Commercial Crisis and Development

Sharon Ann Murphy, Providence College
A Divergence of Interests: When Banks Fail (PDF Download)

Ariel Ron, Southern Methodist University
The Creation of an Independent Agricultural Press in the 1830s (PDF Download)



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