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Cecil B. Hartley. The Three Mrs. Judsons, the Celebrated Female Missionaries ( Boston , 1860), frontispiece; portrait also stamped in gold on spine.


Emily C. Judson of Eaton , New York , was a very successful author under the pseudonym “Fanny Forester,” before she entered the missionary life. Though thirty years his junior, she became the wife of the renowned Baptist missionary Adoniram Judson in 1846, following the death of his second wife, Sarah Judson. She accompanied him to the Baptist mission in Burma , where they remained until his death in 1850. Mrs. Judson then returned to the United States , where her attempts to restart her writing career were cut short by her death from consumption in 1854.

In Mrs. Judson’s memoir, A.C. Kendrick, professor of Greek at the University of Rochester and son of a Baptist clergyman, included a letter from Emily Judson to a friend about the Rev. Judson’s previous children. Their care was one of Mrs. Judson’s primary duties:

“I do love the dear children that a saint in heaven has left me. I love them for their own sakes; for sweeter, more lovely little creatures never breathed; brighter, more beautiful blossoms never expanded in the cold atmosphere of this world. I love them for the sake of one still dearer, who had the power to break all the ties which were twined with tenfold strength about my heart; and I love them because they are immortal beings, because for them a Saviour died, even as for me. I love them; I pray to God to help me train them up in His fear and love.” (p. 245, Kendrick)

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