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Sarah J. Hale, ed. Woman’s Record (1853), p. 828; also 1855 ed.


Born in New York City, Sarah Rogers Haight received her education from the city's best girls' schools of the day. She married fellow New Yorker Richard K. Haight, whose tales of faraway travel inspired her globetrotting desires. After a few years of studying the available literature on the cultures and continents she wanted to visit, she traveled through almost all of Europe and parts of Africa and Asia. She spent years in the cosmopolitan centers of foreign countries, mingling with the intelligentsia of each place. Her Letters from the Old World, a two volume description of her various journeys, appeared anonymously in 1840.

Another portrait appears in:

Kirkland, Caroline M. The book of home beauty (New York, 1852), plate opposite p. 48.




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