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AMANDA M. EDMOND (1824 – 1862)

Amanda M. Edmond. The Broken Vow (1845), frontispiece.

AMANDA M. EDMOND (1824 – 1862)

Born in Brookline, Massachusetts, Amanda M. Corey Edmond became an author of poetry, children's literature, and a biography of Mrs. Sarah D. Comstock, a Baptist missionary in Burma who was also from Brookline. She published her first book, Willie Grant; or, The Little Pharisee, for the New England Sabbath School Union, and many of her other children’s books became Sunday school texts as well. She married Boston merchant James Edmond in 1844 or 1845. Her other volumes include Broken Vow, and Other Poems (1845), Vase of Flowers: A Gift for the Young (1846), Ralph Mobrey: or, The Child of Many Prayers (1847), Forget Me Not: A Gift for Sabbath School Children (1854), and the posthumous collection Religious and Other Poems (1872).



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