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The pages in this guide comprise a survey of Philadelphia-area collections related to American economic history.  Our chronological parameters include the earliest settlements of Europeans in the area down to the 1850s.  Geographically the sources encompass the economic activities of those in the general mid-Atlantic region, stretching roughly fifty miles outward from the port of Philadelphia, but also in many cases include records of trans-Atlantic enterprises. The topics we have surveyed are those covered by the activities of the Program in Early American Economy and Society, including entrepreneurship, commerce, business and finance, transportation, manufactures, economic policy, internal improvements, agriculture, and household economies.

The individual institutions surveyed can be found here.  The first page of each institutional entry contains important contact information, followed by the survey of the institution's economic history-related collections.  Institutions' entries reflect their wide-ranging collection strengths.  We have not provided researchers with complete narratives about the scope and content of all resources we located, but rather intend for this to suggest fruitful collections and potential areas of study. At times there will be somewhat fulsome discussions of important sources in economic history; at other times there will be little more than a listing of the most basic information that can point scholars toward a rich trove of documents.

This guide will continue to grow in the coming years as we add surveys of other institutions and refine our current offerings. We invite users of this guide to give us their feedback and send us their ideas about how to expand and refine the guide. Please write to:  Questions about the Library Company's collections in general and materials related to economic history in particular can be directed to:


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