Billhead for Peter S. Duval, Lithographer, No. 7 Bank Alley, Opposite Merchant’s Exchange, October 7, 1839.


Billhead for Thomas Sinclair’s Lithographic Establishment, 506 & 508 North Street, Philadelphia, May 16, 1871. Courtesy of the American Antiquarian Society.


Lithographers not only printed billheads for customers, but also for themselves to use in their day-to-day business. Lavishly adorned with vignettes, ornate calligraphy, and descriptions of their work, these forms represent the few extant business records of those lithographers active in Philadelphia during the 19th century. As invoices, these documents show the change in print runs over the decades, with the numbers of impressions for job work more often in the 1000 range in the 1870s as opposed to the 100-300 range more common earlier (and before steam presses).


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