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The Library Company of Philadelphia has extensive digital collections that can be found on its digital collections catalog ImPAC and its website, which feature various online exhibitions and collections pages.  The website can be searched by using the Google search box found below.  The Library Company also participates in various collaborative digital projects and has a complied list of internet resources relating to the Library Company’s collections

The Library Company’s digital collections catalog:

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The Library Company’s general catalog:

WolfPAC: The Library Company’s general catalog: Click WolfPAC icon to search

WolfPAC is the Library Company’s general catalog accessible from the Library Company’s homepage or through the above link.  Most materials located on WolfPAC can be made available digitally.  Please refer to our rights and reproductions page for more information.


Use Google Search to search the website:


It is generally recommended to search ImPAC, WolfPAC and the Google search box for the most comprehensive search of the Library Company’s collections.  If you need further assistance, please contact Nicole Joniec at to further address your research needs.


Flikr Commons


The Library Company of Philadelphia on Flickr Commons

The images found on the Library Company’s Flickr Commons page do not have any known copyright and are intended for personal, educational or research purposes.  For those who intend to publish or who plan on using images for commercial projects, please contact the Library Company to acquire publishable quality images as well as permissions to publish.  More information on our rights and reproductions services can be found here:


Our collections have also been included in these online resources:

History Making Productions

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All negatives and color transparencies remain the property of the Library Company.


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