2015-2016 Program in Early American Economy & Society Research Fellows



Lindsay Regele, Miami University, “Manufacturing Advantage:  War, the State, and the Origins of American Industrialization,” Spring 2016

Sara Damiano, Johns Hopkins University, “Gendering the Work of Debt Collection: Women, Law, and the Credit Economy in New England, 1730-1790,” Spring 2016



Jessica Blake, U.C. Davis, “Caribbean Taste, Production, and Regionalism in Early Republic New Orleans”

Patrick Callaway, University of Maine, “Grain, Warfare, and the Reunification of the British Atlantic Economy, 1768-1815”

Emilie Connolly, New York University, “Indian Trust Funds and the Routes of American Capitalism, 1795-1865”

Kim Gruenwald, Kent University, “Philadelphia Merchants on Western Waters: Commerce, Networks, and Speculation from the Seven Years’ War through the Louisiana Purchase”

Rachel Knecht, Brown University, “Quantifying the Economy in the Industrial Age”

Katie Moore, Boston University, “’A Just and Honest Valuation’: Money and Value in Colonial America, 1690-1750”

Joshua Rothman, University of Alabama, “The Ledger and the Chain: The Men Who Made America’s Domestic Slave Trade into Big Business”

Justin Simard, University of Pennsylvania, “The Technocrats: Lawyers and Capitalism in Early National America, 1780-1870”

Jackson Tait, Queens University, UK, “Assessing Risk and Reputation in Atlantic Maritime Enterprise: The Development of Marine Underwriting Methods and Standards, 1770-1900”

Sarah Templier, Johns Hopkins University, “Between Merchants, Shopkeepers, Tailors, and Thieves: Circulating and Consuming Clothes, Textiles, and Fashion in French and British North America, 1730-1780”

Erin Trahey, University of Cambridge, UK, “Women and the Making of Colonial Jamaica Economy and Society, 1740-1850”

Shuichi Wanibuchi, Harvard University, “A Colony by Design: Nature, Knowledge, and the Transformation of Landscape in the Delaware Valley, 1680-1780”